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Group events @ RoberTine 
If you are interested in having a:
  • Birthday party
  • Special event like a bachelor party or hen do
  • Portwine tasting
  • Groupdinner
  • Business meeting 
  • Network Reception 
Combined with food & drinks then you can book or reserve our place. Please contact us to find out what we can do for you.
Standard options 
There are some options which do not need further customization.
  • Portwine with pairing food. Experience the different portwines that Portugal has to offer. We will introduce you in the world of portwines. We start with a refreshing Rosé, followed by a special white 10 years old port, we continue with a Late Bottle Vintage upto a nice Ruby and finish with a special Colheita from 2000 (Tawny port). All this we combine with small bites from our kitchen to pair with the ports. We end the tasting with a great dessert. If you want to get inspired have a look on our menucard. We select different bites from there.
We also have options for food only. Then you can decide yourself what drink you want to combine with the food. Drinks we serve can be found on our menu card. For example besides wine and portwines are beers, Portuguese Gin, Non alcoholic beverages etc..

Get Inspired!

Don´t forget to put the sound on!

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