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Bem Vindo a Bordo no RoberTine, Welcome on board ! 

In RoberTine you can Explore Hygge, relax enjoy and forget about time. Our place takes you back to the 15th century when the Portuguese ruled the seas. Discover our Explorers Boat, very suitable for groups, our Captains Jazz Bar, and our Outside Deck. RoberTine is a place about Sharing Food and enjoying the Ambiance. 

You can choose to have our Portuguese Tapas, a tasty bite with a glass of wine/ beer or a Warm Meal, Portuguese Traditional Dishes with a Twist, served tapas style. For more info. See our MenuCard.

The Wines we have are all Portuguese & Selected Carefully. On a regular basis we visit the Quintas and taste their wines so they are a perfect fit for the food we serve. The Wines come from various regions in Portugal, The well known Douro but also, Dâo, Tejo, Alentejo, Minho & Lisbon region. 

We also have great options for Groups (reserved upfront) where you can choose our Portwine Tasting, Sailors or Captains Dinner or our Full meal option where you can choose the drinks yourself. 

Enjoy your stay in RoberTine!
Robert (chef) & Tine (hostess)
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